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Corporate Partnerships

Building relations and trust through great products and services is our mantra. We are always on the lookout for collaborations that add value to enhance businesses

Airside VR Walkaround Inspection

Parallax partnered with Tecknotrove Systems - India’s leading simulator company, to develop a fully immersive and interactive VR based aircraft pre-departure and pre-arrival walk-around inspection-check training module for an international airport in South East Asia. We developed a gamified training module where the user has to conduct a thorough inspection of the aircraft and its vicinity. The module presented a detailed assessment report of the user with its scope of improvement for the user. It is currently used as a training module by the airport

AEG MachineViz

ACG VR Machine Visualization

We, along with Prime Focus Limited, developed an immersive, interactive and informative room-scale virtual reality experience of various machineries involved in the working of ACG Worldwide. The user becomes a real-life ‘Neo’ and is plunged into the ‘Matrix’ - an arena where each machine is represented as a 3D model. The user interacts as a virtual being with each of the machine and their subparts in real-time to understand their functionality and their interactivity.

Airside VR

Tata Mumbai Marathon - Heart Break Challenge

Parallax Labs, along with 360VRX, developed a system to simulate the physical experience of Tata Mumbai Marathon-2017 on the upscale part of Peddar Road, Mumbai. Branded as #theheartbreakchallenge, this physical challenge served as a training module for marathon contestants where they dared each other to take the challenge, starting a viral trend for the upcoming event.

WABCO OptiDrive VR

WABCO is a global supplier of technologies and services that improve safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles. Their newest invention in transmission automation needed a new perspective to witness it in action. Parallax Labs along with Dimitry Tech accomplished visualising vehicular intelligence through virtual reality. The user practically enters and interacts with the 3D vehicle to experience the working of the transmission system in real-time.


Arena Web VR Mentorship

Ever wondered if you had the 'Great Wall of India' supporting your ambitions in life - Parallax Labs with Togglehead are developing an exciting mentorship module where Mr. Rahul Dravid interacts with you in real-time and provides all the answers you'll ever seek.


Our future relies heavily on believing that by working together we can discover, develop and deliver the best value for our customers. We firmly believe that innovation is driven by our spirit of collaboration. Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.

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