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Research & Development

Parallax invests in creating a brighter future with XR technology. Our research works include our projects and partnerships with academic institutions, researchers, corporates and technology enthusiasts

Mixed Reality Collaboration

Remote collaboration is the need of the hour, in an attempt to eliminate the limitations of geographic locations and to develop team spirit through mixed reality, students from IIT-B through the IDC collaborated with Parallax Labs to create a Remote collaboration system (Holoportation) using Mixed Reality

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay - Vineet Kamboj

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Nirvaan VR

“VR can be used to transcend people to an alternate dimension where they find peace and solace” - This was the mission statement for students of KJ Somaiya College of Engineering to develop an application for meditation. The application takes in the EEG signals from the brain as input, and helps the person reach a meditative state - "A state of equilibrium"

K J Somaiya College of Engineering - Yash Bheda, Simran Mehta & Purvish Shah

Airside VR

Stage VR

StageVR is a Virtual Reality based Public Speaking and Training Simulation project, where our Spectrogram and Mel Frequency oriented algorithms generates highly accurate training results and reports to help conquer the fear of public speaking

K J Somaiya College of Engineering - Kunal Chheda, Paras Dedhia & Siddhant Bhavsar

Tata Mumbai Marathon

Krypton 360

Krypton 360 is a WebGL based 360 Degree Video player built for Chromium, having compatibility with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and Daydream

K J Somaiya College of Engineering - Ninad Sheth


SolAR Assistant

How to ascertain feasibility and the location of solar panels in a commercial environment - a project currently underway by the students of University of Mumbai

K J Somaiya College of Engineering - Soham Hichkad, Niket Kini, Uddesh Kadu & Prasad Gujar


Curiosity breeds passion, and passion breeds excellence. Cultivating the interest in young minds not only propagates the technology, but also creates a platform where great ideas materialise into great products. We inspire people to re-envision the future and make it a reality.

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